The Revolving Door

While it may be a rare occasion, we’ve probably all encountered a revolving door at one point in our life. It was likely entering a large building that sees a high amount of foot traffic. There is a reason for a revolving door being their choice and we’ll get to that later. As this style of door is virtually never used in homes it begs the question, why do revolving doors exist? Is it simply for aesthetic reasons? Let’s dig deeper into the reasons, which will end up being quite obvious, as to why the revolving door was invented.

The Need for Revolving Doors

Why were revolving doors invented? One story claims that they came about as a means to keep horses out of buildings. That reason may not seem so farfetched as the door was invented in 1888, a time when horses were a main method of transportation.  Another claim is that the inventor, Theophilus van Kannel, designed the door so that he would not have to hold the door open for people as they entered the building. While there are many tales as to the reason behind the revolving door, efficiency is the only one that is true.

Benefits of Revolving Doors

Did you ever get yelled at as a kid to “shut the door, we’re not heating the neighborhood”? Your parents wouldn’t have been able to say that had your house had a revolving door. This is the largest benefit of revolving doors, their ability to minimize the amount of air that transfers between the inside and outside of the home. This reduces energy consumption and thus energy costs. As far as businesses go, this type of door offers even more benefits. They allow for people to enter and exit the building at the same time rather than single file. They also prevent debris from entering the building, great for the fall and winter seasons.

If your business is in need of a new revolving door or other entryway, be sure to give us a call!

Access Systems for Your Business

Business Access SystemsIn this day and age, especially for commercial entities and small businesses, the days of keys to open your doors are fading away. The use of access systems for employees has been in use for a long time, but access systems have also come a very long way; they help with a lot more than just security for the front door to your shop or business. Here are a few points to look for when deciding on the access system that is right for your entryways. (more…)

Above the Garage – Stacking Up Space

Building Above GarageSo you’ve been in your home for a while now and it seems that you’ve exhausted every possible method of gaining more space but your possessions just seem to keep adding up. One might suggest putting an addition onto the home but in the tightly designed neighborhoods of today where homes are separated by just a few feet, that usually isn’t a feasible option. So what option does this leave you with? How about building up above the garage? (more…)

Don’t Go Cold on Your Garage Door Maintenance

It’s a topic we talk about every year at this time but that just goes to show how important it is. There’s almost nothing that winter doesn’t put stress on. Cold temps combined with snow and ice can wreak havoc on your door and its components. Imagine coming home during a blisteringly cold night with howling winds and as you pull up to your home and press the garage door opening button, nothing happens. So naturally you try it again but still nothing. Now you have to get out of your vehicle, potentially carry whatever is in your vehicle to the house and fumble for your keys as you get to the front door. This could have all been avoided with a simple inspection. We get it, it’s cold out and you don’t want to be stuck in it performing inspections and possibly repairs. So that’s why you should call us! We’ll gladly stop by and take care of what is needed to keep your garage door functioning properly this winter!

Up to the task?

If you’re feeling like you’ve got this, then here’s how you’ll want to approach it.

  • Check for broken or worn components :

This is the most obvious of tasks but also the most important. If you know everything is in working order right now, it would be a good idea to take pictures of every component so you can reference them later should something appear to be out of order.

  • Test Safety Features:

Your garage door is likely equipped with a reverse safety feature that will engage and bring the door back up should it come into contact with an object during its down cycle. A great way to test this is to put an inanimate object on a space where the door meets the ground. If functioning properly, the door will strike the object and quickly reverse its direction. Your door may also be equipped with eyes that engage the reverse feature when something passes in front of them. Make sure that these are clean and free of obstruction to ensure they will work properly.

  • Tighten lose bolts

Garage doors go through the same motion far more often than you might realize. When you leave you open and shut it, then go through the same process when you return. That is four trips it has to make. As with most anything that goes through repetitive motions, things such as bolts and fasteners can become loose. Perform a check of these pieces and tighten them if they have come loose but be sure not to apply too much pressure.


This process should be done every few months to be on the safe side. Not only will you have more confidence in your garage door, you’ll extend its life by preventing prematurely wear on parts. Again, if you are not comfortable doing this, do not hesitate to give us a call!

Removing Ice and Snow from Roof

There is no denying that snow can create a picturesque scene when fresh fallen on your home. However, underneath that beauty is the potential to cause damage not only to your roof, but the gutters and objects surrounding your home as well. When you think of snow, you typically have this image of the fluffiest and lightest stuff known to man. Sure, in very small amounts its weight is rather insignificant. It’s when it remains on your roof and continues to build over time that causes the problems. Did you know that just one cubic foot of snow weighs an average of 15 pounds? Now think about the surface area of your home’s roof and that number becomes a serious amount.

Safety First

We cannot stress this enough. While it is important to remove the snow and ice from your roof, it is more important to do so in a safe manner. Start by addressing the situation and getting a good idea of the amount of time you’ll need to dedicate to it. Next you’ll want to reacquaint yourself with the tools you’ll be using for the job. These will likely consist of a ladder, shovel, rake and others. Before you dive into the project, set the ladder up properly and make sure it has stable foot so it will not slide out on you as you climb up it. After that has been established, take a few minutes to practice going part of the way up the ladder and back down, with the required tool in hand. This will help to ensure that your ladder is stable and increase your comfort on it.

Removing the Snow and Ice

Now let’s get to the job that you set out to do. Start by removing small sections of the snow and ice to one side of the ladder, never directly in front of you. Why not in front of you? Remember when we determined the weight of one cubic foot of snow? Imagine that and many more cubic feet of it and potentially ice, breaking away in an avalanche style and coming at you head-on. This can quickly make for a bad situation. So take your time and remove small amounts until you’re finished. Not all of it needs to be removed, just enough to reduce the amount of pressure on the roof. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, that’s fine. There are professionals out there who would be more than happy to take care of it for you.

Put Your Guests In the Garage

Now, we don’t mean this as a punishment by any means. We’re simply pointing out the fact that you could turn your garage into a guest house. Last time we talked about turning the garage into the man cave you always wanted. Sure, that’s great to have if you plan to use it often. Stop and think though, how nice would it be to have guests over during the holidays AND have a place for them to go where everyone gets their space? Sounds pretty perfect for the in-laws, doesn’t it? You already have the foundation so there are only a few steps left to go.

Making the Garage Livable

There are a few things that are essential for the guest house, power and running water. In reality, this project will just be a scaled down version of your actual home. Don’t worry, that means a scaled down price as well. Chances are that you already have power running to your garage as there is likely lights or a powered garage door in place. Contact your trusted plumber to run water from the house to the garage. All that is truly needed after that is insulation.

Repurpose The Garage and Decorate!

Now is where the project can get really fun. This guest house does not need to be a carbon copy of your actual home on the inside. You can utilize a lot of your belongings that have made a home in your basement or attic to fill and decorate the interior. There is no need to go out and buy brand new anything for this build. Shop around at thrift stores, or ask your friends if they have anything they want to part ways with. This is a great chance to be really creative and you could use it as a trial run for a future remodel of your home.

Garage to Man Cave in No Time!

When you think of a “Man Cave”, what’s the first thought that pops into your head? Is it a damp, dark getaway somewhere in the woods behind the house or someone’s basement that has been masterfully transformed into a place of drinks, sports and games? Not everyone has a basement…that could pose a problem. So where are they to turn when they want to build a room of escape? Open the door to the garage and imagine. This might be a tough sell if you are currently using the garage for storage of vehicles or out of season items. If not though, you just found your blank canvas to create the perfect getaway room! (more…)

Preventing Garage Fires

garage-fireWhen you think of safety in the garage, your first thought is probably about some piece of equipment that is hanging from the wall or ceiling. While that can certainly present a danger, our mind is on something that can be far more harmful and is in a perfect place to grow. We’re talking about fires. It might surprise you that there are more than 6,000 garage fires reported in the United States every year. This results in nearly half of a billion dollars in damages as the fire usually spreads to the conjoined home. That’s not the worst part however; it’s the fact that hundreds of people are injured or are killed in fires that started in the garage. (more…)

Your Garage Floor Can Be So Much More!

garage floor 2When was the last time you thought about your garage floor? Right? Garage exteriors and their doors especially, have become more elaborate in their styling over the last few years in an effort to make that part of the home not seem like an afterthought. Garage floors have quietly been catching up in the styling world and there are plenty of options out there that could actually look better and be a better fit for your needs over a standard smooth cement surface. (more…)

Keep That Garage Floor Clean

Do you consider yourself a handy person whose workshop just so happens to be the garage? If so, you’re like many others out there who have attempted (that being the key word) countless projects and your garage’s floor shows the proof. You might think an oil spot here, a random stain there, and whatever that is over there, aren’t a big deal. After all, it’s just a garage, right? Wrong. Your garage can add great value to your home, especially when it is well kept and able to be quickly designated to a variety of uses. (more…)