Garage For Rent?

You have probably heard of the service Airbnb, which connects owners of living quarters with those seeking a place to reside for a period of time. This idea is being applied to unused garage space by a company called GaragePointer. It’s true what they say in their article, that many times a person does not undertake a new project or purchase simply because they do not have the space for it. You probably have a friend or two who does not utilize all of their garage space and would be a perfect candidate for this service. While the main target is collector cars at this point, it is not restricted to that.

Getting Your Garage in Shape

shutterstock_257486584If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you need to make sure your space is up to potential client’s standards. Start with deciding how much space you can provide and see if there are ways you can safely expand that area. Remove any objects that could pose a danger to a classic car, i.e. items hanging on the wall such as shovels, rakes, and other landscaping equipment.  Now imagine you had your dream car in this space, is it one that you would be comfortable with? Is the floor in proper shape? Is it entirely sealed off from the elements? Another important aspect to consider is how humid the area is, investing in a dehumidifier would be an attractive selling point for clients, as it would decrease the chance of rust or mold.


Cost Effective Way to Improve Your Garage

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your garage space for a while, this would be a great way to offset the costs. While you’d obviously want to include the features you’ve desired, it is good idea to see what the trends are, specifically what collector car owners are incorporating into their garages. Picking the right door can attract certain clients though it likely won’t be the deciding factor. Imagine an owner of a Ferrari sees your space listed and notices that your garage doors look like barn doors or stable doors if you will. Suddenly, it plays right in to their love of the prancing horse logo on their vehicle and every time they arrive to get their vehicle, it’s like they are actually letting a horse out of the stable to go for a ride.

There’s a lot that can be done to a garage to attract clients, so think about themes that exist in your area; what is popular in local culture. Or, on the other hand, what isn’t popular in your area can provide the client with a different experience and allow you to stand out from the rest. Here’s your chance to put your garage to work for you!

Cleaning and Organizing a Garage are Two Different Things

organizing_a_garageYou can walk into anyone’s garage and you’ll find out pretty quick cars aren’t the only thing in there. There is an excess of stuff that just needed a place to be stored; Garden tools, toys, unused furniture, leftover building materials, Christmas stuff all cause issues when organizing a garage.

So how do you organize all that clutter and still have room left for your cars? Here are some cool ideas to better utilize the storage space in your garage. (more…)

Celebrations in the Garage

Garage_PartyCelebrations are in full swing! You’ve got plenty of parties to make an appearance at but you’re also in charge of hosting one this year. Having everyone over will be fun but if you do some strategic planning ahead of time you can save on stress. One of the best things you can do to ensure a successful soiree is use your garage space. Sure you’ll have to park the cars somewhere else but it’s more than worth it!

Your Garage as Party Central


The Cold and Your Garage Door


Staff Sgt. Phillip Bridges shovels the driveway of his new home Jan. 17. Thanks to a total basewide effort at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, Sergeant Phillips’ family was one of 241 successfully relocated from the on-base Sprucewood Homes development to viable on- and off-base residences before the harsh Alaska winter rolled in. Sergeant Bridges is assigned to the 354th Logistics Readiness Squadron. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Justin Weaver)

Don’t get sideswiped this winter when the cold weather starts to affect the functionality of your garage door opener. Keeping your door operating safely year round is essential to get the most out of your garage. A garage door that is in a state of disrepair can cause big problems, especially when the weather gets colder.

Water from melting snow and ice can cause damage to your garage door and opener. If your door is made of wood the increased moisture can create swelling in the frame. That can lead to the door rubbing against the frame or possibly becoming stuck. Keep rain gutters clear to avoid run off that will splash onto your garage door. (more…)

Old Man Winter Is Not Welcome In The Garage

insulation-garageYour garage is easily one of the most inefficient rooms of your house, but there are ways to combat energy loss. If you have an attached garage, making it more efficient will improve your home’s overall performance. In the winter an inefficient garage will have cold air whistling through its bones. That frigid air will then penetrate the walls and ceiling of surrounding living spaces, making your whole home colder.

A lot of homes, new and old are built without insulation in the garage walls. Insulating your garage walls is usually an easy process. You can roll the right kind of R-value insulation between your joists, or have it blown in through a small hole in the drywall.

Brace Your Garage, Winter is Coming!

snowIt’s not really a thought that most of us want to be having right now but winter is coming. Yes, soon the snow will fall, and the garage is one of the easiest places to fall behind on when you’re preparing for the cold weather. During the summer months it’s easy to start piling up all sorts of stuff in the garage but that space will be much better suited for your cars this winter. (more…)