High Speed Doors

Investing in Proper High Speed Doors

In areas you park and operate automobiles, the equipment in your facility needs to be immune to the highly corrosive materials that live there. Water and debris are going to be ever-present, which puts pressure on things like your primary high speed doors to be resistant to rust and other common damage. At the same time, your business needs a high functioning, traffic door that won’t slow down your business. Norm’s Doors carries a collection of doors that can live in this hostile environments and fight against tarnishing corrosion and rust.

High Speed Doors with Power

For jobs that require security and power, Norms Door points you in the direction of a high speed door. These are motorized doors that will help keep the elements out and will withstand high amounts of everyday use. For commercial traffic doors, such a parking garage doors or dock doors, we carry high performance rolling doors that combine security, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. We manufacture a wide array of high speed doors to meet your business needs. Where you need and insulated or non-insulated doors for internal and external applications, to high-performance, sectional-steel and fire-rated doors. We believe that once something is installed, it your door should keep your business flowing.

Commercial Traffic Doors

We know that your commercial garage door can take a beating. That’s why we build quality, tough commercial doors to withstand the daily wear and tear of owning and operating a business. Open and close style commercial traffic doors have the lowest lifetime cost. With three times the speed of other overhead coiling doors, our 1024 overhead door is designed to give you a maximum return on investment and worry-free installations. For challenging climates, weather, dirt our high speed rubber doors provide the best protection on the market. Rubber doors can help with accidental impact from trucks or equipment. When torrential rains, blizzard snow or extreme heat or cold is a factor, these high speed doors will not only provide superior protection but significantly lower corrosive factors and dirt.

Let Norm’s Door help you figure out which high speed doors are best for your business!