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overhead doors omaha neWhen you need garage door repair, you need it yesterday.

When something works all of the time, you tend to forget how it would impact your routine if it didn’t function properly. Case in point: the garage door and the need for garage door repair.  For example, the convenience it provides when coming home during a storm and a simple press of the button will open it, keeping you from having to enter into the bad weather to access your garage. Or, maybe your car is being held hostage by a garage door that isn’t opening; it could also be that the auto-reverse safety function on your garage door stopped working properly. The need for garage door repair comes in many different forms and we can handle them all!

Aside from the garage door failing there is also the potential for your garage door opener to malfunction. For obvious reasons you might try using the wall switch first. If that works, there’s a good chance you just need new batteries in your garage door opener remote. If neither is working you might check your circuit breaker. If basic troubleshooting is doing the trick, get a hold of us and we’ll solve your garage door opener problems.

Prompt residential overhead door and garage door repair or service at your home.

With speedy service and 24/7 availability, we’re the next best solution to time travel! Please call us at (402) 331-8920. Whether your call comes during or after regular business hours, your service need will be promptly relayed to a technician ready to serve you.

If your service need can wait until the next regular business day: Please fill out the form below to contact Norm’s by e-mail. We will respond to you with 24 hours or on the next business day to verify your request.

We know that a broken or damaged overhead garage door/ garage door opener can compromise the safety, comfort, and sometimes beauty of your home. So, whatever garage door repair, parts, or service you need, Norm’s is here to help!

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Norm’s understands that you work hard for your money and that every dollar counts. That’s why we offer the following tips to help you manage your budget by selecting the right service provider.  (Click on the topic to learn more.)

Selecting a Repair Service or Service Provider 

Keeping it Safe at Home 

Home & Business Maintenance Plans 

Troubleshooting Your Problem at Home 

Understanding Warranties

Selecting a Repair Service or Service Provider

Unfortunately, there are some unethical companies out there offering repair services for garage doors and related systems. These companies may have attractive websites or large telephone-directory ads, but not actually be registered or even have an office or showroom in the area. By the time these companies are finished, the smallest of repairs can end up costing the consumer hundreds of dollars.

  • Make certain the company you are dealing with has an actual address and business location and refer to the local Better Business Bureau (view our report from the “Home” page) for the service rating of the company. Also, ask around and consider the length of time the company has been in business.
  • For businesses, also consider the skill sets and safety records of the companies performing you maintenance and repairs. A little research can avoid costly mistakes and injuries on your job site from work performed by poorly-trained and unqualified repair technicians.

Keeping it Safe at Home

The garage door system is the largest moving object in your home and its operation can be very dangerous, especially to small children and animals. Loaded springs and cables, pulleys and multiple moving parts can make the garage door system unpredictable to anyone but a trained and skilled technician.

  • Take time to explain the dangers to children and keep them clear from moving parts.
  • Make certain your garage door system meets current safety standards and maintain your investment with annual inspections by a qualified service provider.
  • Avoid do-it-yourself repairs at all cost. Even if you think you’ve found a great instructional video on YouTube – don’t do it!

Home & Business Maintenance Plan

Consider a low-cost Planned Maintenance Plan by Norm’s for your Home or Business. These plans are typically performed annually but can be customized to your specific needs. Such plans help avoid costly repairs and ensure the continued safe operation of garage doors and door, dock and gate systems.

Troubleshooting Your Problem at Home

Sometimes the garage door operates in unexpected ways that can be easily remedied without a repair or the expense of a service technician. In no case, however, should the Home or Business owner attempt a repair beyond the simple and safe actions discussed or demonstrated in the following videos.

Understanding Warranties

Warranties offered by service providers are typically classified into one of two categories: “parts” or “material” warranties and “workmanship” or “labor” warranties. Be careful to understand exactly what is covered in the warranty and avoid falling for claims of elaborate warranties that hold little value.

Note: Always consider the reputation of the Manufacturer and especially the Service Provider when weighing the value of a warranty.

  • Material Warranties. These warranties are typically offered by the manufacturer on complete product sets (e.g., parts and panels on a new door and motors and parts on a new opener) and sometimes on individual replacement parts. The manufacturer will often set conditions that the warranty is “limited” and non-transferrable. But just because the material is under warranty does not mean that the related labor is under warranty – and that means that labor costs could still apply to any repair work.

Norm’s honors the manufacturer’s warranties on all products and replacement parts it installs. Additionally, Norm’s provides a no-cost 3-year material warranty on Home-grade springs that it installs.

  • Workmanship Warranties. These warranties are typically offered by the service provider on the labor associated with the installation and repair work. But just because the workmanship is under warranty does not mean that the related material is under warranty – and that means that material costs could still apply to any repair work.

Unless otherwise documented or specified by contract, Norm’s provides the following warranties at no additional cost to the consumer: 1-year workmanship warranty on installation of garage or specialty door; 6-month workmanship warranty on installation of electric opener; and 60-day workmanship warranty on repairs. No warranty is provided for work associated with Planned Maintenance Programs.

  • Contract Warranties. These are warranties that are made up of materials and/or labor and that are explicitly written into a contract or project bid. These warranties generally involve commercial-grade projects and jobs.