Roll Up Doors and Security Grilles

Roll Up Doors For Security and Durability

For commercial and non-commercial needs, Norm’s Doors offers roll-up doors and security grilles to fit any need. Ease of access to your garage or storage facility is the main reason you would want a metal rolling    shutter. Steel rolling shutters add an extra layer of protection for your valuables or your products in a store or warehouse.

We also work with our manufacturers to provide window security grilles for shops where your product can still be visible even when your store/shop is closed.

We will work with you to determine which type of roll up door will work best for your situation. There are two types of rolling shutters: the section roll up and the metal rolling shutter.

The sectional roll up door features 4 panels and are usually made from wood. The rolling door is a single panel that can be made with steel, aluminum or fiberglass. What you are housing will determine which material would work best for your roll up door.

Benefits to Using Roll Up Doors

Roll up garage doors are highly durable and are built to withstand any weather. Rolling metal shutters can be made to insulate.

They are easy to use and easy to maintain. Roll up doors are created to be lifted and lowered easily and be lifted and lowered thousands of times.

Many rolling shutter or roll up garage doors can be colored to match your building and look as attractive as possible. They don’t need to look like metal warehouse doors.

Security Grilles

Some business owners may choose to install security grilles rather than metal rolling shutters. There are some advantages to window security grilles: when installed inside, would-be thieves would need to break the glass and then have to deal with the security grille. This is a deterrent. Security grilles also have less complex mechanisms than roll up doors and do not require regular maintenance.
Security grilles also allow you to keep using your window and let the light into the store or shop prior to opening.

We offer a variety of roll up doors and security grilles and can work with you to get the right one for your needs!

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