Steel Doors

Why Choose Steel Doors

Low maintenance and high performance shouldn’t mean esthetic sacrifice. We can do a lot with steel these days. The benefit of steel is that it’s easy to design, but hard to damage. That’s the kind of reinforcement you want when it comes to something that’s going to be exposed to the elements every day, all year long, through every season. Throughout the years, steel doors can be trusted to secure your valuables. Steel security doors are common because reinforcing steel is fairly cheap.

Steel Doors Built to Last

Depending on the needs of your garage, choosing a steel door with insulation may make sense. Drastic temperature change from summer to winter can cause damage to the contents of your garage, including investments like cars and other motorized vehicles. Multi-layer, insulated, custom security doors offer durably, energy efficiency, and resistance against dents and damage. Additionally, if your garage door is exposed to heavy wind, there are ways to insulate against it. Wind and temperature isolation go a long way in the Midwest!

Dress up a Steel Door

The traditional steel garage door with raised rectangular panels brings up a lot of sentimental memories, but definitely isn’t the only design option available these days. Without changing the lift system, you can give the appearance of grand, swinging, barn doors. Custom security doors offer options for color, detailing like faux handles and windows, which all contribute to the look of the door and the visual appeal of the building.

Considering how large garage doors can be, appearances are very important. Whether we’re installing a standard two-car or a custom security door, we want to make sure it looks the way you want it to. Norm’s can assist with your design whether you’d like to make your steel door blend in, or stand out!