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Can Your Garage Be Too Hot?

You step into the garage and feel it: summer temperatures along with humidity are here and with a vengeance. Most of us don’t heat our garage, unless we’ve converted it to a man cave or a working garage. Is there any reason to worry about the heat in your garage? It depends on a few… Read more »

Old Man Winter Is Not Welcome In The Garage

Your garage is easily one of the most inefficient rooms of your house, but there are ways to combat energy loss. If you have an attached garage, making it more efficient will improve your home’s overall performance. In the winter an inefficient garage will have cold air whistling through its bones. That frigid air will… Read more »

Picking The Right Garage Door

Replacing your garage door requires some thought and research. If you put in a little bit of work on the front end you’ll be much more pleased with the result. Design and color are important to ensure your new door/s line up with your home’s existing architecture. One of the top priorities should be the… Read more »