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Garage Organization

Spring is always a great time to start fresh. It’s the perfect time to clean and organize your home, including your garage. There is a lot that goes into cleaning your garage such as planning, having the right supplies or having enough people to help you complete the job in a timely manner. Though garage… Read more »

Spring Garage Cleaning

It’s a task we don’t want to even take on but we know we have to; garage cleaning. We have spent a few months throwing stuff in and around the garage, where space permitted. We have brought dirt, snow, mud, whatever into the garage with the cars. Now it’s time to get that garage organized…. Read more »

Gone Fishing in the Garage

Amongst everything in the garage that needs a home, fishing rods should not be neglected. They get tangled up too easily in other clutter and if you’ve ever caught one to the face you know how essential a good storage spot can be. There’s no better medicine than packing up the gear and heading to… Read more »

The Garage Summer Project

Warmer weather is coming. Really it is! When spring finally hits what do you have planned? Open the windows and knock the dust off or grab the lawn chairs and kick up your feet in the setting sun? Warm weather projects go smoothly if you have a headquarters. The hub of tools, materials and chairs… Read more »

Spring Cleaning for your Garage

Let’s talk SPRING CLEANING and your garage! OK…keep reading and don’t grimace. It’s something that should be done…since you clean your house after the long Winter, why would you ignore the garage? WARMER THE BETTER First, wait until a sunny and a little bit warmer day. Start to bring everything out of the garage that… Read more »