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Choosing the Right Commercial Door

Whether you need help with loading dock doors, security gates or the entry doors to your business, Norm’s Doors is ready to help your business find what it needs and install it for you. We offer many options when it comes to your business needs. This includes:

The Revolving Door

While it may be a rare occasion, we’ve probably all encountered a revolving door at one point in our life. It was likely entering a large building that sees a high amount of foot traffic. There is a reason for a revolving door being their choice and we’ll get to that later. As this style… Read more »

Garage to Man Cave in No Time!

When you think of a “Man Cave”, what’s the first thought that pops into your head? Is it a damp, dark getaway somewhere in the woods behind the house or someone’s basement that has been masterfully transformed into a place of drinks, sports and games? Not everyone has a basement…that could pose a problem. So… Read more »

Garage For Rent?

You have probably heard of the service Airbnb, which connects owners of living quarters with those seeking a place to reside for a period of time. This idea is being applied to unused garage space by a company called GaragePointer. It’s true what they say in their article, that many times a person does not… Read more »

Leaving the Garage Empty


Hopefully you have some time away planned for the summer. Even if it’s somewhere close, downtime is necessary to recharge and enjoy all the things you’ve worked so hard for. Don’t forget that a vacant house is a prime opportunity for a criminal to break in. There are plenty of ways to secure your house… Read more »

Industrial Garage Doors

To help you decide which way you want to go to choose your new industrial garage doors, here is a break down of the initial advantage factors to sort through: Sectional doors: Very flexible in material (steel and aluminum) and steel gauges. Various colors of baked-on enamel. Custom finish (raised panels, flush sections, full view… Read more »

Repairing or Replacing Garage Door Springs

When it comes to garage door parts and the age of your garage, the torsion spring is probably the first item to look at. New garage door torsion springs are made to cycle anywhere between 10,000  to 15,000 times in a lifetime. Garage door springs break because every time the door opens and closes, the… Read more »

Knowing When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener is a fairly simple mechanical part to your home and is only thought of when it breaks down…or the light goes out. But, there are some good reasons to replacing the opener sooner rather than later especially if your opener has been with you for a long time and you’ve gotten… Read more »

Is Your Garage Door as Safe as You Think?

It’s a dark job—crunching numbers on every possible product-related death or injury Americans incur each year—but someone’s got to do it. Enter the Consumer Products Safety Commission, which tallies annual danger quotients on everything from glass shower doors to Go Karts. It’s not just an exercise in curiosity, of course. It’s about making us safer…. Read more »