Should You Insulate Your Garage?

Many garages remain un-insulated causing the temperature to usually be too cold or hot. A lot of people just deal with a freezing cold or steaming hot garage, because they are barely in it. The question on whether or not you should insulate your garage depends on a few things.


You Use Your Garage Year-Round

If you use your garage for more than just storing your car you should consider insulating your garage. Today’s garages can be used as workshops, workout rooms, and recreational rooms. When you live in an area that has cold winters and hot summers that limits the amount of time you will use the garage for these activities. By adding proper insulation you will be able to comfortably use your garage year-round.

garage door insulation

Your Garage is Also Your Storage Unit

Many people use their garage to store large things like bikes, kayaks, and skis. Some people also store things like TV’s, gaming consoles, and old furniture. If your garage gets humid it can cause rust and mold to develop, ruining stored items. With a well-insulated garage you can feel confident knowing your property won’t be damaged by fluctuating temperatures.


You’re Constantly Going In and Out

If you’re someone who is always going in and out of your attached garage you might be making your heating and air conditioning work harder. Every time you open the door you’re letting the cold or hot air from your garage into your home. This makes it harder to keep your home at the perfect temperature.

You Have Pipes and an Upstairs Room

If you have pipes running through the garage you need to have insulation and heat to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Also, if you have a room directly above your garage it is going to be subjected to the temperatures found in your garage. This will make it much more difficult to keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

Remember the Garage Door

If you do choose to insulate your garage it’s important to also remember to insulate your garage door. If you need help choosing your garage door we’d be more than happy to help and can also provide you with a free estimate.

Your Garage Man Cave and Winter

If you have a man cave in your garage you know it’s the place you go to kick back, crack open a cold one, and turn on your TV. It’s your escape from the hustle and bustle of a long day. Now think if one day you went out to your garage and your TV no longer worked or your furniture was damaged. If you live in the Midwest this could become a reality once winter hits.

What Struggles in Winter Weather

Living in a colder climate area means certain items in your garage might not do so well when temperatures drop. That fridge where you keep your drinks and food, works best at temperatures between 65 and 78 degrees. Once you start dropping into colder temperatures the fridge’s insulated doors are unable

to protect perishable items from freezing. The flat screen TV you love also works best between 50-90 degrees, and can only be stored in temperatures as low as -4 degrees. If you are operating the TV in the cold you may experience picture lag, and if it’s stored in extremely cold temperatures it may not turn on at all. All this bad news may make you want to slump back in your chair. However, even chairs can experience damage from extreme temperatures. Changes in temperature and humidity can warp the wood in just a few short months, making it unusable. There’s good news though all of these problems can be avoided with a few adjustments.

How to Enjoy Your Man Cave Year Round

When it comes to the fridge your best bet is to unplug it in the winter and store all of your food and drink in your main fridge. Once temperatures start to warm up in the spring you can start using it again. As for the TV using a heater when you’re in the garage can help warm it up. If you do this wait about an hour before turning on the TV, so the extreme temperature change doesn’t cause condensation inside of it. Finally for the furniture you can purchase patio furniture, since it is more resistant to changes in the environment, or purchase furniture that is not made from any wood material. With your man cave now fully prepared for winter you can hibernate in peace until the snow melts.

How Safe is Your Workplace?

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Clean Your Garage Fast and Easy

clean-GarageCleaning your garage is one of those one projects no one likes. It’s probably top of the list for most. You don’t need to be overwhelmed and you certainly don’t need to keep putting it off. It will get cold in a few months and then get even dirtier for winter. So, here are a few tips to get your garage cleaned before the cold and more “user-friendly”. (more…)

Garage Door 101

Garage-DoorHow much do you know about your garage door? Yes, it opens and closes. There’s a box in the middle of the garage that does that when you hit a button as you walk out to the car or as you pull up to your house. That’s about it, right? You should probably know a bit more about your garage, so here’s a refresher course for most and something new for those who don’t know their garage basics. (more…)

Would a Garage Living Space Be A Good Fit for You?

 Pros of a Garage Living Space

The biggest advantage to a garage living space is having an extra room in your home. Maybe your house is a little too small and it requires another room. Maybe adding a man-cave, a place for your kid’s band to play or a game room sounds appealing. You have the freedom to convert your garage into any type of room you want since you will be starting from scratch. Transforming your garage into a livable space is a wonderful way to add a room to your home without adding on to your existing house. It certainly would be cheaper than building on to your home. A garage living space would be a great place to have a party with friends or a spot for your kids to spend time with their friends.

Cons of a Garage Living Space

Though, there are many advantages to a garage living space, there are certainly disadvantages too. You no longer would be able to park your car in your garage, making it susceptible to hail damage or other weather related damages. You also lose valuable storage space. Garages are normally used to store a lot of different items such as tools, bicycles, lawn mowers and more. You would need to find an alternative storage option for all of those things. Converting your garage into a living space may also be pricey. You would need to insulate your garage or maybe even install a heating and air conditioning unit. There also may be regulations that you would need to follow.

Final Decision: Should You Transform Your Garage?

Is having an extra living space in your home worth giving up all of that storage space? Are you comfortable parking your car in the driveway or on the street so you can have an extra room for your home? There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to converting your garage. Ultimately, making the decision to convert your garage depends on each individual’s preference.

Garage Floor Finishing Options

We are in the middle of spring with summer quickly approaching. It may be the perfect time for you to spice up the floor of your garage! When deciding to redo your garage floor, you have a few options to choose from. First you should decide if you should cover or coat the floor of your garage. If you are unsure of the difference, we will help explain them!

Coating Your Garage Floor

When it comes to coating, using paint or epoxy are your two best options. Painting your garage floor is effective when you would simply like to cover up oil, grease or rust stains. Using paint is the easier of the two options. Applying epoxy to your garage floor is a more complex project. The process includes checking for moisture, cleaning and degreasing and creating texture on your floor for the epoxy to work properly. Epoxy will result in a tough, yet nice-looking finish.

Covering Your Garage Floor


Garage Floor with Tile Finish

If using a paint or epoxy does not sound like the solution for you, try covering your garage floor. There are products specifically made to hold up throughout everyday garage life. One of your options is to use garage floor tiles. Three common types of tiles for garage floors are flexible plastic, rigid plastic or flexible rubber.  All three are solid options that offer different benefits depending on your needs or budget. The other option available if you do not want to put tiles together is to use a roll-out garage mat. Roll-out mats are the easiest to install and come in a variety of colors or patterns.

Whether you decide to cover your garage floor or coat it, there are plenty of great options to pick from. Get started on your fresh new garage floor today!

Garage Organization

Spring is always a great time to start fresh. It’s the perfect time to clean and organize your home, including your garage. There is a lot that goes into cleaning your garage such as planning, having the right supplies or having enough people to help you complete the job in a timely manner. Though garage organization and cleaning may seem like a daunting task, it is manageable and you will feel accomplished and satisfied with your newly cleared out space!

Where to Start

DIY Garage Storage

The first thing you are going to want to do when cleaning your garage is to separate everything into a few different piles. You will need a pile for items you want to keep, donate, sell or toss. It may be difficult to decide what you want to keep or get rid of. A rule of thumb you can follow is if you haven’t used an item in a few years, toss it. For the items you decide to keep, make sure you have the proper storage and labeling so you can find them quickly when you need them in the future. There are items that you can easily donate, as well as items you can make a decent profit on by selling. Donate the items as soon as you can and pick a garage sale date so you don’t hang on to those items too long.

Storage Options

How you store things in your garage is a major key to keeping items organized and maintaining a clean space. Use plastic storage bins while using proper labeling to keep those items you decide to keep organized and easy to find. Open shelving and pegboards are two inexpensive options to store objects. You may also want to consider use overhead space in your garage for certain items such as bikes or fishing poles.

Once you are finished with your garage cleaning and organization, you will use the space much more efficiently. If you take the time to clean and organize properly, it will make the next time you do so much faster, freeing up more time to enjoy the spring weather!